Writers' Guilt

An Isle of Wight Crime Novel

Marlon Baker never really wanted to set foot on this island again, and yet business commitments bring him back to the Isle of Wight as he was invited to the Ilse of Wight Literature Festival. And he also wants to talk to his closest confidante - Richard Allenberry - before they start the next book project. But then old wounds tear open, and Marlon finds himself confronted with a past he thought he had buried in the depths of his memory.

And as if that weren't enough, his long-time friend and confidante bites the dust and takes numerous secrets into his grave. Marlon is now one of the suspects, and he must try to save his neck from the noose ... not least, because he is also confronted with things from the past that are extremely painful. This novel also gives a deep insight into the daily carnage of the international book market, and how the authors prefer to fight each other for success. But in the end, only one laughs. And will that be Marlon Baker?

But this book is also the quest of 12-year-old Marvin, finding out who his father really is ...

Published as Paperback and E-Book in the mysteria edition
ISBN-13: 978-1088854884, 408 pages for US$ 15,50 on Amazon.com
E-Book available at Amazon.com and other portals for US$ 4,50.

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